Life Lessons

Recently, I came across a piece “of indispensable life lessons” I wrote to myself eighteen years back and acquired the long and hard way. Re-reading it now, it has me realize ...


The Swim

I still marvel at an encounter of swimming with this beautiful greenback turtle somewhere in The Turks and Caicos Islands. It was unexpected as I snorkeled and it was just me and her alone but in [...]


Turtle Lessons

Something about turtles and being in the presence of the magic of turtle nests on a Florida beach is a heart send to me each summer. All of it glistening by moonlight and creating stories…



God has a lamp and human kindness lights the way. At the time, I really didn’t give much thought to any of these kind moments that I found or that had found me.


I Never Met A Stranger
(for Susan)

Once upon a time but nine years back, a complete stranger, now a cherished acquaintance, got word that I was stranded of a simple possibility of healing at a very difficult moment in my life.

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