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Marina Mashaal is a qi gong healer as well as a published poet and storywriter who enjoys creating a healing space for others through her writing, her healing practice, and her daily action.

Marina proudly hails from Montreal, Canada and is a proud first generation of a Jewish Iraqi heritage. Her first poem was published when she was 8 in Orah magazine. She also has been recognized as a good public speaker. She has twice self-published a well-received book of poetry and prose and has received publication in both genres in several literary magazines. She has directed, written, and performed for young audiences and has also produced a play. She loved working as a schoolteacher and drama educator for a time until a serious car accident stopped her in her tracks in 2007. She’s always been a writer.

Marina’s life most significantly met a complete about turn in direction upon being introduced to work with and develop her healing skills with Paul Fraser and Pangu Shengong creator, Master Ou Wen Wei in 2010.

Marina’s best informal education in life came through befriending a woman named Golda. Golda taught Marina the value of selflessness and a true heart space of love as it should be known. She has also been elevated through rare friendships with Holocaust survivors of Terezin. The connection has welcomed her to Prague and to Boston to spend time with them. Her mentor, Paul Fraser, solidifies her in her wellness and a better life language across many invaluable key lessons. She continues to find excellent teachers in chance encounters with complete strangers.  These influences as a unit comprise her classroom.

Her greatest teacher in compassionate measure, however, belongs to Theo. Theo the human pup, her purest child, and her best family all in one, is her most active healing agent and the most unconditional life force who keeps her steady to her love and all matters of resilience. Theo is a personality.

Marina offers talks on matters of kindness, health, and healing. She writes from a space of humble awareness of the hard won lessons across her many avenues of life experience. Marina enjoys sharing her strategies to wellness with others while maximizing her kindness possibilities with others on a daily basis. Her practice is based in Montreal.


Marina’s formal education spans four degrees:

  • a Bachelor of Arts in European Cultural Studies and Sociology;
  • a Bachelor in Education with a specialization at the primary level;
  • a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Literature and Publishing; and
  • a Master of Arts in Theatre Education.

She is an alma mater of Brandeis University, the University of Ottawa and Emerson College. She is also a Phi Beta Kappa recipient.

Her informal education has welcomed her to write and perform for the disadvantaged youth sector in “play schemes” in Edinburgh through Queen Margaret College as well as to direct and to assist several theatre productions in Boston and Montreal. She has been equally rewarded to be part of the esteemed Publishing Workshops at the Simon Fraser Writing Institute in Vancouver and to enjoy a mentorship program with authors D.M. Thomas, Frieda Wishinsky, and Richard Scrimger through the Humber School of Writers in Toronto.

Marina became a certified Medical Qigong Practitioner as well as a certified Instructor of the Pangu Mystical Qi Gong Moving Form through the Pangu Shengong International Research Institute in December 2010.

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Presentation, “The Power of Calm”, Tuesday, December 1, 2020. 7 PM. See thespanish.org



YouTube, The Power of Calm, December 1, 2020:
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