MyHeartSpeak Healing: Into a New World of Qi Energy and Self-Healing

Marina’s best self is a sweet soul with a thoughtful, deeply kind, and caring heart. It is this space within that allows her to access nurturing and to offer a warm healing to others. Her healing work is rooted in the Pangu Shengong philosophy of kindness, benevolence and friendliness as well as the loving energies of joining heaven, earth and humanity in harmony.


Marina has a passion for wellness coaching to those she helps out in tandem with her broader goal of alleviating pain and human suffering. She has offered energy support with marked successes across a host of concerns to recipients pained by an imbalance both physical and non-physical. She especially excels at offering energy support during times of stress and at transitions of great life change such as during pregnancy, a marriage, a break-up, a move, an impending loss and loss itself.  She also enjoys offering teaching the life skill of a simple if not mystical Qi gong practice to others so people, from old to young, can enjoy better calm and more joy with efficiency to better balance the stresses in their daily life.

Marina is working on a book with her teachers’ support and is continuing to offer her healing skills to people she meets both at home and abroad. It delights her that her father has welcomed her to help him out at times and that he has enjoyed the way she teaches him “rooting” exercises in qi cultivation, among them the Dao Yin.  Her favourite client and greatest admirer of her work with loving energy is her one-hundred- year-old grandmother, Mama Violette, who she has been helping out for close to nine years. Her human pup, Theo, is also an eager and appreciative recipient.

She is humbled to be a loving instrument to others and wholly humbled by the experience in every request.

How did Marina get to here?

What is qi? What is healing? What is Pangu Shengong philosophy? What is qi gong energy? These questions were as new to Marina Mashaal when her kind and good friend, Kassy Wener, a graduate of five element acupuncture and long interested in the world of chronic illness herself, offered her the good fortune to be introduced to Paul Fraser in May of 2010.

It is Paul Fraser, a Medical Qi Gong teacher and a dedicated student of Pangu Shengong, who “took her on” right then and there and who offered Marina teacher training in the Pangu Shengong Mystical Moving Form as well as immersive training in other healing based techniques that could be offered to people in person or at a distance. She would eventually meet Qi Gong Master, Ou Wen Wei, creator of the Pangu Shengong practice, on December 6 of the same year. Thanks to this synergy of encounters, Marina has become a dedicated and certified Pangu Shengong teacher as well as a certified Medical Qi Gong Practitioner and remains in close connection with both of her cherished teachers and her beautiful friend.

Marina very much appreciates Pangu Shengong philosophy and practice. Her study through the Pangu Shengong International Research Institute in the “kindness and health” area has taken her to develop her skills further with Master Ou Wen Wei in San Francisco, Raleigh, Providence, Gainesville, Boston, Hong Kong, Macau and in her hometown of Montreal along with other Pangu Shengong students from China, North America, and other countries around the world.

In 2017, Marina also embarked upon the  Tikkun Middot Project Curriculum at Concordia University through the Institute of Jewish Spirituality. She equally appreciates Jewish mindfulness meditation and Jewish mindfulness studies and its cultivation practice of kindness, humility and joy.

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