Every Man’s Prayer

Peace and health and love is Everyman’s prayer. Yet prayers, wishes and hopes need our help, too. If we want peace, we must be examples of that peace and foster it for ourselves. Without it, we are less apt to manufacture proper pathways of love.


The Art of Forgiveness

Any reparations course of love and forgiveness includes asking oneself: How can I have done things better today? How did I use my words today? How did I direct my heart? Where was I kind? Where was I not? And where I felt I was kind, where could I have even been kinder and done better? Let us affirm that forgiveness is a process. ...


The Value in Forgiveness

On the heels of a Thanksgiving, at least in Canada, and due soon for my neighbours in the north, it is a season to give gratitude to what we are fortunate to have. In doing so, we can better extend the limits of our concern to others. ... It would follow then from that, also, that forgiveness for the things we have not mindfully done and giving our forgiveness to things beyond our control is part of harvesting a gratitude package, too.


The Expression of Gratitude – Part 2

With gratitude, life becomes more whimsical, less personal, calmer, more richly detailed, and more richly connected as an energy to experience for yourself and to extend to other hearts. In this way, gratitude is a lot more than thankfulness. Gratitude is an awareness of connection and appreciation to something larger than just yourself. ...


Out of Egypt

The story of the Exodus or of a people from years of bondage is a narrative, to some a myth, that impacts a lot of ways of seeing the world. My family tells the story often, if not at least once a year, and it has me wonder...


Crystal Skies

Its important we remember...Kristallnacht, 1938... Every day a tree lives its dying. / Inside its vast shell, its cells transform / in the same moment its leaves are drinking up sun. / It doesn’t matter what form the season. / ...

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