A Love Note From Theo

My Dear Heartspeak Readers,

Love is a sweet circle.
I’m sorry to share that my sweet Theo has passed.

He left this world on Tuesday, May 26, 2020
having loved and lived and generously given
17.5 years of pure treasure,
and he is forever loved and with me in spirit.
He didn’t suffer any. He is happy. Now free.

I am glad my sweet tyke impacted so many to a happy heart. Thank you so much for enjoying him with me and appreciating his beautiful gentleness and sweet soul. I’m so glad he brought so much love and so many smiles.

I don’t know what prompted me to take two photos of him moments before the unexpected unknown, but he relished this moment. He looked at me fearlessly confident— joyful, so peaceful and happy in his being— and his contentedness and appreciation of being with me shone. I notice now he is smiling, almost grinning, and that his eyes say thank you, I love you.

When I returned home to start a new chapter, I discovered things exploding of a sudden in the garden. The bleeding hearts had multiplied since the morning hour, almost like a promise, in the healing space he loved so much. The lily of the valley had now perfumed. As I bent down to smell the white kisses, a small strand of bleeding heart fell and wafted to the ground; and I knew it was his way of letting me know he’s with me always, that I will continue to grow, and that it’s going to be okay with his hugs for a better life.

Two days later, I proudly lit a yizkor or memorial candle in honour of Theo’s blessing the Shavuot holiday. He gifted me a first remembrance on a holiday of first fruits and the first wheats to harvest with a Shabbat Shalom. To his life-lived blessing, it is also a holiday that celebrates the backbone of a morality in thoughtful kindness.

Theo deeply appreciated kindness, joy, and love.
Thank you, Everyone,
for all you cherished of Theo.

Thank you, Love.

Walk Into Springtime

Vocal, Music & Lyrics by Ou, Wen Wei

The lyrics to Theo’s favoured melody by our beloved teacher follow below.

Springtime, springtime, beautiful springtime quietly comes:
Sunshine, sunshine, welcoming sunshine gently arrives.
Oh, the stream’s current of jade-green water
Wa-la-la is flowing, flowing;
The birds in the trees, spirited birds,
Dzi, dzi, dzi, they’re singing, singing.
I enter the forest that is full of life’s colors,
Breathing the fragrance of fresh flowers and green grass–
What is freshness? What is ecstasy? At this moment I need not ask.
Ah…ah, ah…ah…ah, ah…
Beautiful, mysterious nature, radiant, enchanting springtime,
I desire, desire to be always with you:
Together breathing, together growing, together breathing, together growing,
La…la-la, la…la-la, la…la-la,la…la-la, la-la, la-la

Springtime, springtime, beautiful springtime quietly comes:
Sunshine, sunshine, welcoming sunshine gently arrives.
Oh, the stream’s current of jade-green water
Wa-la-la is flowing, flowing;
The birds in the trees, spirited birds,
Dzi, dzi, dzi, they’re singing, singing.
I enter the springtime that is full of life’s vigor,
Enjoying the kisses of sunshine and flowing water–
What is closeness? What is joy? At this moment I need not ask.
Ah…ah, ah…ah…ah, ah…
Beautiful, harmonious nature, youthful, vigorous springtime,
I am happy, I am happy to be always with you:
Together living, together singing, together living, together singing,
Together living, together singing, singing, singing.


My Poetry Dog

Anything that spoke of a healing space meant lots to Theo. Theo loved the songs composed by my beloved teacher, Master Ou, who also became Theo’s beloved protector and merciful guide. I thank my beautiful teacher, who, along with his caring daughter, Olivia, hugged Theo in a truly special way and beyond measure. I know how much that thankfulness and grace to our relationship makes Theo happy.

Theo would especially sigh when he heard his good friend sing about “A Walk into Springtime”. We listened to it often during our laid-back, relaxed sweet and serene together days our final Spring. He was in a heaven of his own wonder, closing his eyes sweetly, and smiling to it.

Over the course of the last three weeks of life, Theo would look right into my eyes as this specific song played, and unusually make some body contact with my hand, be it sweet paw, or beautiful ear, or gentle head. The words and melody Theo has loved, and intuited in ways I couldn’t yet grasp, now wash in me with a perfect and new understanding— for this is the happiness of rainbow fields and meadows— and where I know Theo is playing and having a blast.

I praise Theo’s free.

Matters of a noble love always spoke to Theo and it’s he that would teach me how to refine the standards I made for myself. Over the years, Theo stood in witness to me and my possibility even when I didn’t think I had any. Over the years, I witnessed how Theo handled his freedoms, his challenges and his obstacles. He showed me by his example that the open-hearted path of choosing a noble love to everyone and everything and to life things great and small was the finest and most appropriate appointment, always. I will also add that not every dog or animal or human we met along the way was able to do this. In this area of noble love though, Theo excelled.

I’d like to imagine that something of my healing teacher’s words and melody so beautifully, so masterfully if you will, and with such a hug from Theo’s pure heart to us, embeds the space of a flowing happiness that is within all of us on an earthly plane when we choose to lead by an example of a noble love, also.

When I play this song now I play it for him, for us, to mark his beautiful love, to smile to our extraordinary friendship, to thank the joy he extended to My Heartspeak Readers, to know he is by me as I continue to commit to inspiring healing matters of love, health and happiness for others, and to do my best to cheer his confidence in our new chapter of free solo ride.

Please accept the matters of this Heartspeak as his love note to you along with my gratitude for all that is Theo.

I love you, Theo.

Please find the link for Theo’s most loved song  on youtube.

Theo’s dear Master Ou has graciously infused the song with an extra character

of wellness, love and a healing confidence for any listener during Covid times.

Feel free to read the lyrics as it plays or, as Theo did, listen with closed eyes.       


Love to the Journey!

Ve-yi-hiyeh tov.

And it will be Good.

Love, Theo


Theo Bear


12.2.2002 – 5.26.2020

signaturePhotography by Marina Mashaal

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  • Annalie Shahin

    This is beautiful, Marina. Thank you for sharing. He really did — impacted so many to a happy heart, and was a sweet, sweet little pup.

  • Delane Kinney

    Marina – I am so moved by learning of theo’s spirit and the light he brought to the world. The song is lovely. I can see why he found it so soothing. Delane

  • Laurie Betito

    Beautiful tribute!!

  • myheartspeak

    Erin: I love you! And miss you too. Thank you for your open heartedness.

  • myheartspeak

    Rebecca: Beautiful touching meaningful All the very best always

  • myheartspeak

    Sarah Agulnik: I’m so sorry for your loss Marina! Theo brought so much joy to everyone that was lucky enough to know him ♥️ such a good boy

  • myheartspeak

    Bianca: Oh Marina – I was so sorry to read this sad news ?. I fully know and have come to value the special bond we have with our dogs. They can be like our children. My heart is with you! ❤️❤️

  • myheartspeak

    Mila Blanco: Marina, el gran amor de Theo siempre estará ❤

  • myheartspeak

    Summer: Dear Marina, your love for Theo was so powerful, and palpable, we all loved him, too. And now, along with you, we feel his loss deep in our spirit, and yet believe, he is with you, always, always, always. Your soul mate. ❤️

  • myheartspeak

    So so sorry for your tremendous loss of Theo , but yes Theo is always in your heart as you are in mine especially at this time ❤️ lots of love, Paulette

  • myheartspeak

    Tina: Oh Marina!.. . I’m so sorry my friend. What a blessing he was. Sending love and hugs . Xoxo

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