How Does it Work?

Dear Reader, Dear Great Wonderer,

I get asked this a lot. I shall refer to my mentor’s words here:

 “Qi Gong is one of the oldest continuously produced therapeutic modalities in the world. Effective in restoring health, increasing vitality and cultivating a wide range of useful skills, the tradition is based on the cyclical flow of vital energy. The Chinese call this energy Qi. Its flow is mapped through our bodies along specific pathways translated as “meridians”. When our qi is full and flowing, we experience health. When our Qi is congested or out-of-balance, pain and illness can occur. The subtle physical and emotional symptoms and cues we experience are signals that we need to take action to restore balance and achieve optimal health. The practice of Medical Qi Gong corrects these imbalances by addressing the root causes of the symptoms and transforming the individual’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.”
 – Paul Fraser

The energy power I’m accessing, as I understand it, is a quantum universal energy, or Qi, from sun and moon energies together with the holding mass of all elements, also found in every human body, and that is also connected to the mass energy from within the Center of the earth. It’s the same mystical energy source every positive healer and rabbinic or spiritual master, at least in part, also accesses, I believe. We all can access it to a degree. In my case of access, I use it for purposes of kindness and benevolence, healing and love.

My teacher who developed what I learn is named Master Ou. The practice he developed that I use for meditation advancement and sending healing to others is called Pangu Shengong.


What Is Pangu Shengong?

Pangu Shengong is a field source. Pangu means or translates as “universal energy” or “divine source” or “God” or “mystical source” in ancient Chinese. Shen means “spirit”. “Spirit” can also refer to an evolution of consciousness in matters of love and kindness. Gong means “discipline”. So what I do is the practice, or discipline, of accessing spirit in the human soul, animals, etc. and helping it along through “the infinite and mystical source of divine love” from a space of love and kindness.


The Exceptionality of Pangu Shengong as a Healing Program

In the world of Qigong, or the discipline of qi or energy cultivation, there are thousands upon thousands of different forms or variations to root or cultivate qi, energy source. They are all wonderful, helpful, and powerful practices. Pangu Shengong is one type of Qigong practice and a type of Chinese healing art, just as tai chi, the practice of the grand ultimate principle, is one, tai chi being the one that looks like floating water ballet that you often see practiced mornings in a park.

Except of all healing modalities out there, Pangu Shengong has one specific distinction. This particular level of qigong that I have learned from its creator, Master Ou is about the accessing of divine source energy to help things along. When used as a personal wellness program, it has been proven a most efficient practice for balancing qi and gathering a better immunity, or Life Force, within the body at a physical and non-physical level.

The distinction of Pangu Shengong, also, is that it can in time reverse deeply rooted body patterns, both physical and non-physical, more efficiently and more consistently than most other healing practices and it can restore vitality and harmony within the heart soul and body of the individual quite quickly and in astounding ways. As such, doing Pangu Shengong practice is powerful and empowering done on its own and actually quite complimentary to those who already enjoy regular yoga, tai chi, and qigong, or who don’t and are just into simple daily walking and an improved lifestyle.


Healing as Love

Then there is another separate level to all this or what I do, of that strange mystical thing that happens when I send healing to people. The way it works is like Love. You cannot scientifically measure Love but every person who experiences it knows it exists. Eastern ideology is well-versed in qi practice. Western ideology, by contrast, does not understand qi source well as it is not quantifiable in scientific terms. Because it’s not quantifiable, and is thereby reduced to the non-scientific, Western medical ideology often dismisses it. Eastern Medical ideology does not. In fact, Deepak Chopra has brought his eastern roots into his medical western practice, and that is why and how he began to get so many incredible results with his cardiology patients in Boston, and when he began getting noticed.


The Heart Language of Free Flowing Qi

Qi is also what an acupuncturist accesses when treating someone. That’s the current a person usually feels in the body as a blocked meridian opens. An osteopath accesses the same life current through the cervical and spinal fluid. A blocked meridian creates blockages or illness or discomforts and imbalances in the person. A free flowing Qi current puts the person in better balance. From there, the individual acquires greater efficiency to self-heal and to improve different areas of his or her life.

In my case, my teacher, and one of his primary students, Paul Fraser, taught me how to treat people like an acupuncturist performs but without the use of any needles per se, and instead through my imagination of the heart. Master Ou Wen Wei has also amplified my compassionate ability to succeed in this way. This is why I also can help people across distances.


The Practice of Heart-To-Heart Healing

So is Pangu Shengong practice another way of saying heart to heart healing? Yes. Indeed, it is. I am one who has been trained to access healing from and completely through my heart to another heart, so long as I am given permission. When I apply any medical healing technique, I have an ethical code I must follow, not unlike a Hippocratic oath. I am trained to take my oath very seriously.

The nice thing is I can also help needing people I become aware of anonymously, the most rewarding part. This has me feel spiritually strong and heart aligned because even in Judaism, my tradition and faith, effecting anonymous contributions of kindness to another is the highest form of charity. The practice, you see, does not have any affiliation to any religion whatsoever. The energy I access is simply Love force married to the Zen of Life Force, and this kind of Love is always infinitely positive in measure, and healing. The energy technique also allows me to access deeper layers, as my teacher explains it, than the average acupuncturist can in one or several sessions. It’s not that complicated. The most essential requirement is a sincere, loving and broad, pure heart.

If you are interested in a quick fun read about Qi in action, check out a book by Joe Vitale called Zero Limits. It’s about a psychiatrist in Hawaii who basically rehabilitated the pathologically incarcerated with a system of just saying “I’m sorry and I love you” from his heart to theirs. My practice is to a degree rooted in the same philosophy of a pure loving kindness and yet more solidly therapeutically based.

Hope that answers some things for you and helps you out. The importance is that good heart magic never freak you!

Much love,
Marina 🙂



Feel free to visit both my teachers’ sites to learn or understand more.


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