Ocean’s Kind Hand
(in five parts)

Over the summer, I harbored myself by an ocean. I felt the need to be liberated. I felt the need to be cleansed. Have you ever asked the ocean to help you? The ocean in your imagination?


Peaceful Prayers in Difficult Times

Already a new season arrives at our door. We usually attach something of our hearts and tie it like a ribbon to some wish for personal awakening...The language of a rejuvenation is just under the [...]


Cultivating the Heart

We all know peace when we feel it. It is something you can deeply apprehend in the body. It is an expansive and welcoming energy that thrums through one’s being, one’s heart.... Happiness is in [...]


Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada and a month of colorful beauty and appreciation for what our hearts can harvest. My sweet Theo so loved this time of year.

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