The Ink Rest

A season takes time.
Spring hugs time.

Thanks for your hug.
Glad for your sunshine.
Very soon I get to meet you.

I’m still, working
on grounding
and stretching mine.

How glad I am for sunshine,
and water,
the privilege of flowy ease,
the taste of balance and warmth,

the day I overtly touch the space that makes me
flesh gap between my internal
and external freedom,
and present my new high.

A big part of me is hibernating still, but not rested,
a bit lost and maxed out at times in an unexpected cave,
an unexpected experience,
some uncomfortable lingering, on a stream,
sometimes in mud, thick, oozy,
unsettling or dull,
then water,
and it can get loud, yet it trickles.

The cave is not always cozy and there’s a split in the emptiness
between me and the earth and my electricity
and the taste of outside light,
not feeling flower rooting sure just yet,
hoping for green shoots, that kind sprouting,
something i know i can give it,
trying to find that great tree inside of me,
wonderful, filled, and full.

Experiences are said to shape you. I’m looking for my grounding.
I’ve been in a truly strange space of physical and emotional adjustment the last big few— .
Lots of impactful stuff going on.
Something to make a soul journey understand growth.
It’s had some pain.  Some great moments with plenty
of what I guess then becomes a spiritual fracturing.

So many punctuation marks.

Trying to figure out I’m intact.

Got some more climbing to do,
tracing for honey.
Oh strange  experience.
Oh, growth. Oh bless you, Life.

Sorry for my poetry of stuff.
My January, February, March —

A season can have rest,
and still be at times an insufferably strange.

But one day again we all come to recognize and merge
experience to what then is “your possible”.

So yes, my ink is not  feeling ink just yet,—
Trying to define my pen, dry off
the energy of a submersion,
find my page, my next sure write.

signaturePhotography by Marina Mashaal

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  • myheartspeak

    Yvonne: Lovely.

  • Sylvia Shahin

    Dear Marina

    You chose the right words for the right day! Spring sunshine & the right words
    Please the heart.
    Thank you.

    • myheartspeak

      What a wonderful spring bouquet you’ve sent my way.
      I am so glad.
      I thank you, too.

  • Grace

    Beautiful Words!

  • myheartspeak

    Rebecca: To have a friend is to be a friend Let us try and remember these words of wisdom Happy Spring Pesach Samech?????

  • Laurie Betito

    Beautiful! So many of us feeling just as you eloquently described!

  • Elana Cohen

    Dear Marina,
    I always enjoy reading your creative work which is inspiring over and over again, specially this spring poem which touch the soul of every reader.
    We learn not to give up, not to resign , but to continue to climb up, eventually we will meet our goal.
    Your poem Marina, teaching us about the renewal of life, love, hope and happiness. Also teaching us to open our eyes and see the beauty around us, to observe the nature, to listen to the sound of birds chirping. The sound of the wind blowing, to listen to the stream of rivers flowing.
    The Poem full of Hope and beauty.

    Elana Cohen.

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