The Virtues of Nature

The summer is in full bloom in the Western Hemisphere. Out there now, much is being born. In the Southern Hemisphere it is a cooler time of year and a time for appreciated gathering. In both seasonal spheres, one can always find an inspired peacefulness and Oneness.

Calm, tolerant, humble is the moon.
Perseverant, calm, humble is the mountain.
Tolerant, diligent, perseverant is the sun.
Humble, tolerant, diligent are the sky and star.

All bodies of this Divine Nature are found in each other and also in ourselves. Wildlife and all of The Great Nature reflect these attributes and virtues in their instinctual heart for us each day.

At a cellular level, we are One.

To be calm is to be peaceful and to know this peace as a baker knows his flour no matter the day’s package of rise and falls. To be tolerant is to be accepting and broad-minded, flexible and patient, softly adaptive, welcoming, trusting, by corollary trustworthy, and generous. Tolerance holds many facets of Grace within. To be humble is to be selfless and generous to others’ well-being first. It is to be non-conditional and not attention seeking, confident, and sweetly devoid of an enviousness that competes with other hearts. To be diligent is to be well applied and respectful of the journey of self-mastery. It is the appreciation of hard work and one’s contribution to a greater whole. Perseverance is that part of us that is life-promoting and that refuses to give up. It is mastery through patience and a kindness to one’s spirit and one’s soul. That is why it is wise to be adaptive and to be persistent. All these characteristics are roused and counseled by Nature in an orderly and exhilarated purposefulness.

As we seek to manifest the attributes of calm, diligence, tolerance, humility, and perseverance in each step of our own lives, we achieve Integrity. We become a higher body of Kindness as well.

And so, when we refine our hearts to meet these five criteria in our day, we elevate ourselves to reflect the best of the divinity in each of us and the Life Force that has universally created All Things. The more we take care to be discerning observers and listeners in our contemplative and active enjoyment of Nature’s vast palette, the more we can find an incredible backbone to inform our pleasures and bring awe into our daily activity and relations.

Indeed, the only way we can improve our lives is to improve our heart and soul. It is to know that when one area of any heart space of Earth is hurting, we all suffer. That is the very heart of why the wise man, the totem animal, the mountain, the ocean, the tree, the flower, the sky, the moon, the wind, the star come to tell us often that a calm and peaceful and humble approach goes a long way. The Great Nature also reminds us that this Kind Way is the only way our Life Force and we as an interconnected species can succeed!

What virtues in Nature can we find exemplified in a day that best help us to inspire and encourage and refine our best selves? Nature is a beautiful teacher. She is copious in her offerings.

How shall you meet Her?

Let us have fun with our Awakenings!

signaturePhotography by Marina Mashaal

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  • Daniel

    Words of wisdom!

    • myheartspeak

      Thanks, dear man. A dear man with a heartspace like no other in Master Ou
      inspires me lots to reconnect and apprehend my heart “back” to such things.
      In a future blog, I hope to share more.

  • myheartspeak

    Albert: Magnifique🌈

  • myheartspeak

    Rebecca: May we all Live with these words of wisdom! Kol Hakavod

  • bella

    very inspiring.

  • Jessica


  • Cristen

    The Great Nature!

    • myheartspeak

      Ah, yes, Cristen! Thanks for the qi-riffic vibe. ☀️

  • Barbara

    Dear Marina,
    You write beautifully. You make me think. Thank you!

    • myheartspeak

      Thank you. Enjoy your heart think! 🌈


    I love your writing, it is like music

    • myheartspeak

      Such a sweet compliment. Thanks, Mom!

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