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Recently, I came across a piece “of indispensable life lessons”  I wrote to myself eighteen years back and acquired the long and hard way. Re-reading it now, it has me realize that there are many life lessons, known and yet simultaneously novel to my consciousness, and that I still need to work on within the path of a soul journey acceptance and a self-love.

Often,  so much of what is intellectually obvious and mindfully helpful is not always practiced. We can get ourselves lost in creating and managing a good story. I share this with you, because I believe that when we stop and listen to what speaks inside that deep womb of the heart, even if barely audible, we have what it takes to heal our way, each at our own pace and soul time.

        1. Make your own movie. Always be your own director. Remember: you cannot write other people’s script.
        2. In that movie you are in, stay humble to all guest roles and honour the bigger picture.
        3. Live a life of no expectation. Live each day without negative prediction.
        4. Be kind to yourself at all times. At the end of each day, in simplest terms, you are all that you have.
        5. You cannot attract in life what you cannot handle. This is true at all times.

        1. Enjoy your own friendship and companionship first and last. Let the rest follow your lead.
        2. Make sure you marry a reflection that pleases your soul choices and not a replacement or displacement of your mother, your father, your fears. Be it people, career, your own action, follow this rule for any choice you make in life. Your life is about you.
        3. Stay to your vessel and use your love supply well. Set your own pace. You are your own race. Balance only works with balance.
        4. There is no such thing as “I can’t”. What you really mean to say is “I won’t”. All phrases of indecision are a myth. Erase them from your vocabulary. Your choices are simple: Yes, No, I like, I don’t like. Say what you mean. Don’t Live in between.
        5. Scratch out words, thoughts, and ideas of obligation from your mind. Compost “I should”, “I have to”! “ I always”, “I never” – — Flowers will not grow under these “whether” conditions either.

        1. Life may be a tide of ups and downs. So what? Stay level.
        2. In the face of action, don’t get yourself confused by what is right and wrong, am I bad or am I good. Stay consistent to the wants that fulfill you and go from there. Life is what you create by the opinion of your own loving rules.
        3. Envy is the absolute biggest waste of time. Stop caring and stick to you. Smile with who you are and what you have and be you.
        4. It is wise to send love and good wishes to others sincerely, always, and anyways.
        5. Needs are a messy concept. You are never a victim unless you choose to be. Say and live by what you want.

        1. Respect untenable situations. They have you shift so something in you can become tenable. Welcome what only you can change.
        2. You know those stories you keep telling yourself… Well, you can change librarians whenever you wish. Choose and empower your story wisely.
        3. A day gets harder when you anticipate or record too much. Stay away from the fast forward and rewind buttons. There’s a play button for a reason.
        4. Emotions and feelings are a highly overrated thing. Working with just the facts in a moment can often be your greatest release to finding your way.
        5. Do not let yourself fear the loss of your family’s geographical or emotional support as you satisfy your own wants. Your umbilical cord was cut at birth and still you never lost them. Most important, your umbilical cord got cut… and still you can breathe on your own!

        1. Money is never everything. Truly. But you are.
        2. Life is loving. Life is not a test. Life is not about fair or unfair. Neither is life cruel. Only what we do with it. The cup is full and not empty. The choice is yours.
        3. Better to do than to live in conflict. Life is not always comfortable. Everyone has to take a bio exam at some point. Just do it! Nike sneakers are smart for you.
        4. Honour yourself and stay responsible to yourself and you will find that all your actions are giving.
        5. Gratitude is really important. Be grateful for it.

      signaturePhotography by Marina Mashaal

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  • Adina

    I absolutely loved that. Thank you for sharing these wisdoms.

    • myheartspeak

      Thank you for saying, and so warmly. We all get wiser the more we can share life truths.

  • Laurie Betito

    Great bits of advice and important life lessons! Thanks for sharing!

    • myheartspeak

      Wow. Thanks, Laurie. I appreciate that. Especially from someone solidly giving as you.

  • Barbara

    Great thoughts. We have to just stop and reflect and when we can enjoy the moment

    • myheartspeak

      Thanks for that, and for adding your life thought with readers.

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