More Life Lessons

  1. Wise people listen more than they talk. We have two ears, one mouth, and a heart bigger than all of that for a reason.
  2. The only three questions in life you ever need ask yourself are: Does it make me happy? Do I feel good? Does it feel right? If you can answer yes to each question, do it!
  3. Communicate calmly when you talk to yourself and use words sparingly when you speak.
  4. Speak for yourself only. Talk in the first person. I is eye. Speak any other way and you risk becoming color-blind.
  5. Magic can trick you and is black for a reason. You can never mind-read or assume what another person is thinking or feeling. Scratch the tempting hallucinatory practice.
  6. People create argument and fights. Arguments and fights don’t just happen. Relationships can be packaged and experienced without them. The choice of that occurrence is up to you.
  7. Make mad sad. Better to love feeling disappointment than anger.  Frustration and sadness is depression turned in. Crying is okay. Flowers that welcome rain continue to grow.
  8. Curiosity is a positive asset. Curiosity also kills a cat. A cat has nine lives. You have one.
  9. Laugh some more. Do one crazy thing each day. And laugh again.
  10. Every rain cloud offers a silver lining. Believe in umbrellas. One will always find you.
  11. You have no one in life to trust but yourself. You are therefore never vulnerable to the world.
  12. At the end of the day, you alone are your own family. Make your relationship to it a happy and mindful one.
  13. Winter hibernates to prepare for spring. The sap is never sleeping. Slow moments are good for you. Time and space do not judge.
  14. “Stop!” is a wise and helpful philosophy. Resistance is not.
  15. Let go means Let go. Mind and heart are one. Watch a tree. Don’t study the tree. Look at it.
  16. Everything you need to know you do learn in kindergarten. Sharing. Cookies with juice. Playing with blocks. Stacking blocks. Cleaning up. Nap time. Listening to stories. Holding hands. A wise adult is one who lives kindergarten each day.
  17. Unconditional love is a conditional state of expression. Your family pet even knows this. Still, like your pet, love, give, and receive life without conditions.
  18. The world will not always be kind. Strive to be the kind of person who stays kind anyway. Kindness is always worth it.
  19. We all have differences. Every difference is beautiful. Be proud you can be-one-of-a-kind.
  20. Even the most practiced and disciplined person is a beginner somewhere. Stay fresh. Happiness is knowing how to be a humble long time beginner.
  21. Be gentle. It matters. Even the greatest ocean always maintains a calm center at its core deep to survive.
  22. Extend grace. Grace extended to yourself, to the great nature out there, to others, is among the most beautiful things.
  23. Enjoy your joys. Life is perspiration, aspiration, inspiration and communication. Have faith. Your groundwork does not show until one day!
  24. We are all in this together. For everything under the sun. So do your part. Show up sweetly. Love well.
  25. Your immediate present is always where you will find the most love. There’s the gift. Live calmly  in this mysterious wonder. You just may fascinate yourself!

signaturePhotography by Marina Mashaal

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