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Home decline
Stuck in some rain clouds

I will climb
To where it’s safe and sound

And I will be
where the day gets loud
And I will shine

In that climb
I will get lost and found

Across time
Sharp corners do get round

And I may cry
Don’t butterflies
But I will find me
And up the down.

Where’s the clown?
Where’s the Fool?

Where is the Guide
of all heart sounds?

Is that me?
Is that you?

If I knew

I’d fill my shoes right now.

And I will weep
And I will shine
For what can
and what cannot be

And I shine.

Isn’t life mine and yours
to shine?

It almost seems
An old man sleeps
So something in me
can daydream

Don’t close the light
I will find peace
Grace and ease
Let other hearts fight

Life’s a stream
Rivers run
Night stars fall
Night stars keep bright

And I can shine.

We all have sides
We all have times
Inside is not outside
But we can go in

Dare to go in
Make your light burn
at all sides

And we can cry
But still get high
On what speaks most
in our inside
That we shine

Oh I know
those who sleep
Sleep away good love
and daydreams

But know your love
Like the dove
Rise above
lost meanings anyway

Go past the seams
And hold your dreams
Dare love holding you
your own way

To your shine.

Your days will shine
In your shine
Worth the climb
In your shine.





signaturePhotography by Marina Mashaal

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  • Laurie Betito

    These photos are spectacular!

    • myheartspeak

      Thanks! I’m glad to know something about it is being enjoyed.

  • Annalie

    This is so beautiful <3

    • myheartspeak

      Thank you, Annalie. ⭐️
      I’m glad to know something of this speaks.
      Hope you will come back and visit again.

  • Elana Cohen

    Dear Marina,
    I read your November poem several times. Each time I discover deeper meaning.
    The interpretation of the two forces, good and evil. High and low. Warm and cold.
    beauty and ugly. Shining and raining. up and down.
    The stream. Rivers run, so is our lives.
    Lots of positive thinking in the poem. I enjoy your writing tremendously.

    • myheartspeak

      Thank you so much. ❤️ I appreciate the feedback.
      Your love and interpretation for what I expressed is very profound and touches my heart to be so embraced.
      I am also encouraged to write more. Your note helps.
      I think other readers visiting would enjoy what you had to say.
      I really appreciate the loving feedback either way and I thank you again for the love you send to my heart.


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